How to Adopt – Rescue and Rehoming Goldendoodles

Buying  brand new shoes, especially if it is on sale seemed to be an easy choice. It is quite tempting. After all, consumerism pushes us to seek for something brand new. This is not bad per se but sometimes we have to rethink your choices and have to look around what is already within your reach […]

Goldendoodle Temperament

Goldendoodles are quite a favorite because of its social skills. Its positive personality makes it the best companion for the family, the kids and people with disability.  Goldendoodles are highly loyal and when properly trained, they are quite very obedient. Though, do not dream to make them to be robotic cause these dogs are very […]

Goldendoodle Coat Types – Knowing your Goldendoodle Coat and Colors

Let’s review some genetics here in order for you to determine your Goldendoodles’ coat types and color.  You do not need to be a dog breeder to understand the basics and let’s make Gregor Mendel proud of his Peapod discovery mastered in animal breeding. The basic coat types and its color are determined by B/b and E/e. […]

Goldendoodle sizes – Because Size Matters

Coat types and Goldendoodle sizes vary. It would depend on its parents and their respective generation. You have to remember that the parents of the  Goldendoodle, the Golden Retriever and the Poodle are hunters and are very fond of water and water sports. Goldendoodles, depending on the generation you would choose, whether it is F1, […]

Multi-Gen Goldendoodle – Multiple Generations of Breeding and Crossbreeding

We have introduced to you to the different first and second generation of Goldendoodles. And probably you haven’t decided yet what to choose. Well, you might like the Multi-Gen Goldendoodle! The Multi-Gen Goldendoodle is the third generation (or two  times over) of breeding of two  F1B or F2B Golden Doodles. To simply this, here’s the equation: […]

F2B English Goldendoodle – Choosing your Goldendoodle Generations

To breed the cross back of the crossbreed, that’s the F2 English Goldendoodle for you! The genetic equation for your F2B English Goldendoodle: F1 Goldendoodle +  F1B Goldendoodle = F2B English Goldendoodle This second generation is a backcross of First generation Goldendoodle and the F1B Goldendoodle. Its genetic make-up is approximately 62.5% Poodle  and  37.5% Golden Retriever. Now don’t […]

F2 English Goldendoodle – Choosing your Goldendoodle Generations

The F2 English Goldendoodle or the second generation of Goldendoodle is a product of crossbreeding two  F1 Goldendoodle. Here’s how the geneticists/ dog breeders explain the breeding equation for the F2 English Goldendoodle:  F1 Goldendoodle +   F1 Goldendoodle =  F2 English Goldendoodle Still basing from Mendel’s genetic ruling, the F2 English Goldendoodle produces a puppy with  50% English Golden Retriever […]

F1B English Goldendoodle – Choosing your Goldendoodle Generations

Remember Gregor Mendel and his discovery of the pea bods for his selective cross-breeding. His experiments have shown the principle of segregation and independent assortment. Based on principle of segregation says that particular trait from one parent is passed on to the offspring.  The principle of independent assortment, on one hand shows that a different trait from one parent can be […]

F1 English Goldendoodles – Choosing your Goldendoodle Generations

Remember our simple equation for the Original English Goldendoodle? An English Golden Retriever crossbred with the standard poodle will lead you to this fluffy energetic Goldendoodle!   The first generation or F1 English Goldendoodles is what you get when you crossed 100% English Golden Retriever with 100% standard poodle. The  F1 English Goldendoodles is a puppy […]

Original English Goldendoodle – Your Affectionate Socialite Dog

“If you see an Original English Goldendoodle, you’ll think of fluffy, happy and very energetic, “ Jonathan David, celebrity pet stylist enthused. True indeed, this designer dog is very sociable and affectionate. Who can ignore the cuteness of this hybrid mix of American Golden retriever and standard poodle? You can’t ignore those puppy eyes and teddy-bear […]