Goldendoodle sizes – Because Size Matters

Coat types and Goldendoodle sizes vary. It would depend on its parents and their respective generation.

You have to remember that the parents of the  Goldendoodle, the Golden Retriever and the Poodle are hunters and are very fond of water and water sports. Goldendoodles, depending on the generation you would choose, whether it is F1, F1B, F2, F2B or Multi-gen and this will determine the appearance as well as its growth.

Goldendoodle sizes  will be somewhere in these lines:  Small/ Miniature, Medium and Standard.


The Small or Miniature Goldendoodle size is around  12 to 15 inches measuring from its shoulder to its paws, and its weight will be approximately 18 to 30 lbs . It could even reach up to 45 lbs or more when it becomes an adult.

The Medium Goldendoodle size is around 16 to 19 inches measuring from its shoulder to its paws. Its weight will be around 30 to 45  lbs. Its weight could  reach up to 50 lbs or more when it becomes an adult.

The Standard Goldendoodle size is around 20 to 25 inches measuring from its shoulder to its paws. Its weight will be around 50 to 80  lbs. Its weight could  reach up to 85-90 lbs or more when it becomes an adult.

But if you choose a standard poodle with a standard golden retriever as its parent, then expect to get a standard Goldendoodle size.  Or to be quite mathematical on it, you can add the weights of its parents then divide ti into 2 to get the average weight to expect on your puppy. But take caution on this as in the litter, there will be puppies whose size will be below or above the computed average weight. The sex of the dog will also come into play as males are generally larger.

Other Goldendoodle Characteristics to Consider 

Goldendoodles love to run and play. They tend to have a lot of energy. As I’ve always learned with dogs, a tired dog, is a good dog. It’s important to allow your pets the desired play time and allow them to release their energy running around versus chewing your shoes and destroying your house.

Take into account also the tail of your beloved Goldendoodle. The straight and tall ones with a slight curl are considered desirable. Also dog ears should be at the level of its eyes and the ear canals free from too much hair or thickness. Your Goldendoodles’ ears will be crucial for you if you will be training them to accompany people with disability.

A Goldendoodle has nose with pigments. Do not worry for this is natural for its large or fleshy nose.  You might have also a parti, meaning your goldendoodie have at least 50% white a solid color and it might have freckled-lie appearance on its nose.   Also its neck gives it an elegance when it is arched.

Good grooming is also highly recommended. Its hair will grow for about 4 to8 inches with its body hair getting longer compared on its face and legs. Combing is required every two weeks. A sanitary trim, meaning the hair in belly and tail area should be kept short to avoid lice and other parasites to dwell on its coat.  Its nails should also be trimmed necessary including the hair between its pads.  The College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University provided a very helpful resource for dog owners on trimming your Goldendoodles’ fast growing nails. But remember, being able to know how to groom and trim your dog’s nails should not be a substitute for a proper visit to the veterinarian and professional dog groomers. Here’s a great list of groomers in United States, Canada and Hong Kong submitted by Dood owners.

According to GoldenDoods website, doods can live up to 15 years.  And since most are hybrids (crossbreeds) then Goldendoodles are expected to obtain a longer lifespan when well taken care off.

Just remember, when you are considering getting a Goldendoodle, remember the basic needs of your pooch. Be a responsible dog owner and choose a breed and its respective generation that will be compatible to your needs and your environment.