Original Goldendoodle – Your Affectionate Socialite Dog

Is the original Goldendoodle the perfect pet? This “designer dog” is very sociable and affectionate. Who can ignore the cuteness of this hybrid mix of Golden retriever and standard poodle? You can’t ignore those puppy eyes and teddy-bear like huggable body! Jonathan David, pet stylist enthused said “If you see an Original Goldendoodle, you’ll think of fluffy, happy and very energetic.” It’s hard to argue with that after spending a small amount of time with this beautiful breed


Beautiful Goldendoodle

Breeding the Original Goldendoodle

Golden Retriever mixed with a Poodle

Animals reproduce and breed. Reproduction is nature’s way of ensuring evolution of the species. Some purists might say dog breeding for designer dogs like the Goldendoodle are extreme. However specific animal breeding is a practice that has been around since the ancient roman empire.

By interbreeding the golden retriever & the standard poodle, breeders are able to get specific qualities and dog characteristics. In the early 1990s, dog breeders in North America and Australia started cross-breeding poodles with golden retrievers in an attempt to mimic the success of the Labradoodle (a mix of a Labrador retriever and standard poodle). This wonderful pet was originally developed to find a service dog for those with allergies. The Labradoodle was very popular as a service dog and quickly evolved into a family pet as well. This success transferred to the goldendoodle.

Goldendoodles have been referred to as a hypoallergenic pet based on the low shedding characteristic of poodles. However this is not entirely true. Allergies to dogs are widely known to come from the animals dander not their fur. While the Goldendoodle is not 100% allergy-free, the fur shedding is limited especially for the first generation back cross Goldendoodles (F1b Goldendoodles).  It is very important to find a reputable breeder that you can trust in order for you to receive the correct generation. You can work with them for your specific needs especially when you or your children have allergies.

While some would raise their eyebrows on this suggestion, it is an amazing option to take some initial precautions when choosing a new member of the family. As Carrie, a mother of four shared on her Blog “Just Mildly Medicated”. Carrie found a reputable breeder while searching for a dog that would not cause her kids to have an allergic reaction. After which they had to physically test the pups with their children to verify no reaction would occur. During this process 3 different puppies from 2 different liters were selected for testing. 2 of them caused no allergic reaction. Aside from allergy tests, temperament tests were also completed to make the choice and eventually sign up for their lovable F1B Goldendoodle they named Maggie. Maggie does not shed her furs and her four kids have no allergic reactions to her. After that they put her through a live-in puppy training course and now her 4 kids adore Maggie like their 5th sibling.

To ensure you purchasing an original Goldendoodle, ask for certification. It is best to get your pet from reputable dog breeders who are certified by the following clubs and certifying bodies:

Personality wise, these lovable dogs are easy to train and are really good with kids. And to cap off the best traits of these dogs, here’s the list of celebrities who have been smitten by Goldendoodle love:

  • The known “Numb” hot singer Usher Raymond IV or just Usher bought his Poppy Raymond Goldendoodle at a charity event. He got the puppy for a hefty price of $12,000 as part of the fundraising for Justin Bieber’s Second Annual Pencils of Promise Gala and the said auction money will be used to build 100 schools. Now that’s very lovable- fund donation and getting a new pet for him and his two kids is such a kind gesture.
  • Kenny Chesney, an American country music singer showed off his Goldendoodle named Pancho on a surfing trip.
  • Adam Levine, after his golden retriever’s pet death was given a new golden doodle he names as Bones.
  • Brad Pitt bought Jennifer Aniston a Goldendoodle (sadly their marriage ended. But the dog was still there to keep Jen company!)
  • Ramona, a smitten Goldendoodle has made a marriage proposal to Bo, the First Dog in the White House.