Goldendoodle Temperament

Importance of Socializing Golden Doodles

Socializing Golden Doodles

Goldendoodles social skills make them a favorite amongst breeds. Their positive personalities makes them one of the best for companionship with the entire family, and people with disabilities.  Goldendoodles are highly loyal and when properly trained, can be very obedient. These dogs are very playful and enjoy lots of activities including water sports. When properly trained, they can be good companions to other pets as well such as cats and other dogs.

Goldendoodle temperament varies depending on several factors such as genetics, training, and the environment in which they will be brought up. Do you and your family enjoy active lifestyles? This is a huge factor for your Goldendoodles personality as they seek attention with people and enjoys being active. And since Goldendoodles can be quite easy to train, they can be used as a service dog, i.e. seeing dog for the blind and they are also used for animal assisted depression anxiety therapy. The world’s  first goldendoodle seeing eye-dog is Richter, an F1 Goldendoodle donated by the Guide Dogs of America in California. This only shows that Goldendoodles when trained properly can greatly assist people with disability for mobility and for therapy of neurological and psychiatric issues.

Goldendoodles have also been trained to support children in hospitals and orphanages globally. For Goldendoodles that look up for strong human leadership, they are trained to assist in search and rescue operations of police. Goldenddodles are also good for well-being and a great companion to avoid loneliness and depression. That is why it is very important for you and your family members to have a sort of  “Goldendoodle temperament” test wherein you will be able to adjust with each other and for the puppy training. Obedience can only be learned when the owner and the dog are able to spend time with each other.

Your trusted dog breeder should let you meet the puppy prior to purchasing the dog. Meeting the parents is also a great idea when trying to understand the future size of your pup as well as other characteristics like temperament & coat color. It is also better to meet the rest of the litter to help you evaluate your choice.

Here are some things for you to consider:

1.  Socialize your dog. Expose your Goldendoodle to different kinds of people and different environments. The larger the area the better, as they would like to play around and to enable them to see and experience various sights and sounds. If you have children, it will help them to learn to engage with pets and your pets will also learn how to socialize.

2.  Several breeders have used the Goldendoodle Temperament Volhard Test to help families choose the right puppy for their family. This tests the puppy’s attitude for its social attraction, restraint, obedience (capacity to follow orders) and also its ability to dominate. This test takes around 6-7 weeks and this will show the puppy’s character.  This will test and show your puppy’s reaction on situations and with different people. Its ability to be obedient will be tested according to its skill to retrieve objects and sensitivity to sound, touch, and sight. You can throw a crumpled paper or a small ball and ask your puppy to take it. This will test its willingness to work and please you. Its intelligence to decipher strange objects will be tested as well as its response to sound. One test is to strike a metal spoon on a pan to know how your chosen Goldendoodle reacts. There is a matrix and corresponding score on the Goldendoodle Temperament Volhard Test. Part I of the test is about the attitude and Part II is a test on Obedience.  The scores will help you determine if you will bring home the puppy or not.

Majority score is 1 in  Attitude section shows your Goldendoodle is the aggressive kind. Its dominance over humans is highly elevated and leadership is always questioned. An expert handler is needed and it will work best as a service dog for police.

Majority score is 2.  Be warned as this dood is quite dominance and will bite when easily provoked. But he/she will follow a human leader. The owner should be firm and consistent and this pooch will work best for household with strong adult supervision.

Majority score is 3. This puppy has a very easy and outgoing personality and will easily adopt ti situation as long as their is regular exercise and supervision. The Goldendoodle temperament is flexible and adapt well to environment with a family with children who’s already older.

Majority score is 4. This Goldendoodle is easily controlled and adaptable and will always look for the human for leadership. This will make a great family pet with small children. This pooch will be easy to train.
Majority score is 5.  This has a Goldendoodle temperament of total submission and requires close human leadership. But if this pooch is not handled well, be warned and it might grow into a very fearful and shy one. But this is quite good companion for an elderly couple.

Majority score is 6. This Goldendoodle on hand is very independent and lacks interest with people. This dog is not affectionate and does not need so much human companionship. A rule of thumb:  The pup  with a combination of 1 and 2 will require an experienced handler while pups with 3 and 4s  will be a good companion and will best suit families especially those with children.  If  you are not so sure of how to train and tame your Goldendoodle temperament, it would best to enroll them into a professional puppy training class.  This training school is like a camp where your pooch will be able to meet other dogs of different kinds and sizes and will help as well as test their social skills. The training is crucial for the socialization skills and for it to be able to deal with strangers and with other animals.

Goldendoodle Database has a list of recommended trainers and consultants in Australia, Canada and United States.  Here are some notable dog trainers :
  • Adventures in Canine Training Inc.
  • Carol Schatz, Canine Consultant
  • Gwendy Joysen, Canine Consultant
  • Jim Burwell of  Jim Burwell Petiquette
Very important to socialize golden doodle's with children

Golden Doodle socializing with children

 Rosie (Goldendoodle) with Stecher siblings.

These are just a few tricks for you to become the dog whisperer.  And in this selection of pups and training, there are still few things that you have to keep in mind: 1.  Dogs need exercise, discipline and affection from its human. 2. Dogs respect alpha leaders. 3.  Dogs are attune with your energy. 4. Dogs’ happiness is not equated with excitement. 5.  Dogs like consistency. 6.  Dogs will need guidance on its actions.   With these benefits of dogs as companions, it is not surprising to see adorable pictures of children with dogs as their best friends. Here are some pictures that has been doing rounds in the worldwide web. Though these are not  Goldendoodles, we still think this is just too adorable to pass:

Lola (the pug) and Harper roleplaying.

Cute picture of baby sleeping with dog

Baby sleeping with Dog

 Theo (a part Boxer, part Shepherd, part Labrador Retriever rescued dog) and Beau are best naptime buddies.

Giant Schnauzer Ralf served as a companion to  Claire Couwenberg after her kidney surgery.

These are just some of the dogs that teaches children to be responsible and sociable people. Aside from the temperament and allergy test to determine the perfect dog companion for you, it is very important that the owners are prepared for the responsibility. For the parents, they should know that for the most part, they will be sharing in the responsibility and have the opportunity to be a good role model in showing their kids how to treat their dog.

Parents should also consider the age of their children in accordance to the dog type and size.  Everyone in the family also should decide on taking the dog. Alongside this decision is whether to get a brand new pup or take one from the rescue local shelters int he community.  To learn more on how to deal with puppies with young children (baby and toddler), you can visit the  Safe And Sound Safety Factor Challenge  to know ways to handle your pup and dogs.

 Remember, no matter what kind of breed or the Goldendoodle generation you will choose, how it will turn out will depend more on your puppy training and socialization with different people and animals. As Cesar Millan said, dogs will need patience and consistent training. Being a dog whisperer is no easy feat but when you’re able to do it, your work will be worth it.

So when you decide to get a puppy, remember getting one will change you and your kids life.