F1 Goldendoodles – Choosing your Goldendoodle Generations

Remember our simple equation for the Original Goldendoodle? An English Golden Retriever crossbred with the standard poodle will lead you to this fluffy energetic Goldendoodle!


The first generation or F1 Goldendoodles is what you get when you crossed 100% Golden Retriever with 100% standard poodle. The  F1 Goldendoodles is a puppy with 50% Golden Retriever and 50% poodle genetic make-up. Most of these  first generation  shed little fur or even none.

The F1 Goldendoodles coat colors and attributes may vary dependent on the specifics of their parents. However most coat colors that emerge are ultra cream, red, apricot or black.  The F1 Goldendoodles has  straighter and more coarse coats as compared to their F1b (cross-back) counterparts.

Most of the coats can vary ranging from wavy, curly to very smooth one (getting much from the Golden retriever’s side).

These first generation pooches are advised for families and their children with minimal allergic reactions to fur or danders.  The approximate body size of F1 English Goldendoodles range from medium (around 35-50 pounds) to standard (around 55 pounds or larger)