Goldendoodle Coat Types – Knowing your Goldendoodle Coat and Colors

Let’s review some genetics here in order for you to determine your Goldendoodles’ coat types and color.  You do not need to be a dog breeder to understand the basics.

The basic coat types and its color are determined by B/b and E/e.   These two pairs of genes serve as the “basis” for its variations with the help of V/v and R/r genes.  

The  B is the dominant gene for color Black. If it is not the dominant one, the b the recessive  gene for color brown.

On one hand, E is the dominant Extension gene. This complements the B/b gene responsible for its black or brown coat color.  Or it can be recessive e gene that  manifests the cream gene.

A dominant gene is the trait that is fully expressed and it is only one. Meaning, a dog having a B gene will manifest that black gene by having, for instance a black nose and fur.  A recessive gene, have two copies of this gene in order to manifest its effect. For example, a bb gene in your Goldendoodle will make show a brown or cream coat  color, whereas a single b gene will not show.

Let’s take our probability class higher. The B/b and E/e genes  can have 16 combinations with its corresponding color coat types. A helpful matrix has been prepared by Health Goldendoodle.

So how does it work? Let us take some simple example.

For example, the Parent 1 is a Golden Retriever with a Bbee genetic make-up  with coat types- cream with a recessive brown color and the  Parent 2 is  a poodle with a BBee gene manifesting a cream with black pigment).

So what are the possible puppies? Parent 1 will contribute either Be or be gene and Parent 2 will contribute Be gene.

The offspring puppy will have BBee  and Bbee genes. Thus the litter will half of it has color cream with black pigments and the other half will have cream with recessive brown coat color. 

Most of the coat color ranges from chalk white, cream, gold/caramel, apricot or red , black or choco.

As for its coat types, your English Goldendoodles can either be loose, wavy or saggy or straight. Or it can also be curly.

The loose-wavy coat types is quite common among English Goldenddoele breed and this is the most easy to groom. It will only require brushing once or every other day.

The curly coat types  begins in a curl in the forehead, the ears and back of the puppy. This coat type requires frequent maintenance and make sure that when you groom it, focus your attention on the hair on its ears and neck. These coat type is considered as the most non-shedding and mostly manifest in F1B and Multi-Gen Goldendoodle generation.

The straight coat type, is the teddy-bear-like look as it requires minimal attention on grooming.  This is quite common among generations and sheds moderately.

Remember the  coat types vary as your Goldendoodles matures. So ask your trusted breeder when the coat types will vary later on as like the coat color, the coat type can be determined.