Multi-Gen Goldendoodle – Multiple Generations of Breeding and Crossbreeding

We have introduced to you to the different first and second generation of Goldendoodles. And probably you haven’t decided yet what to choose. Well, you might like the Multi-Gen Goldendoodle!

The Multi-Gen Goldendoodle is the third generation (or two  times over) of breeding of two  F1B or F2B Golden Doodles. To simply this, here’s the equation:

F1B Goldendoodle + F1B Goldendoodle = Multi-Gen Goldendoodle 


F2B Goldendoodle + F2B Goldendoodle = Multi-Gen Goldendoodle 

Based on Smeraglia’s percentage distribution of parent genes: the multi-gen Goldendoodle has 75% Poodle and  25% Golden Retriever genetic make. These multi-generation pooches are more consistent in terms of their coats and size.  Basing on several dog breeders and owners’ review though, around 98% reported no shedding on this goldendoddle generation.

There are debates on the difference between Multi-Gen Goldendoodle and its F1B counterpart. We always say that these differences are too minimal to notice at first check. You really have to spend time with them both to differentiate the size and its temperament.